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September 14, 2006

What bright spark came up with this crew?

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I read this on the BBC web site today. The men who want Kofi Annan’s job. Look at the list – how lame is this-

BAN KI-MOON, SOUTH KOREA…. Heeellooooooo – “North Korea” anyone? – like an SK guy will work as the head of the UN. And read this stuff.

JAYANTHA DHANAPALA, SRI LANKA… “Tamil Tigers” ring a bell??? That’s a non-controvertial part of the world – kind of applies to this whole royal flush.

PRINCE ZEID AL-HUSSEIN, JORDAN… Muslim – Good. Jordan – OK relatively for the MIDDLE EAST. But it’s the MIDDLE EAST.

SURAKIART SATHIRATHAI, THAILAND… Burma? Did someone say Burma? That’s a non-represive area huh?

SHASHI THAROOR, INDIA… Apart from being just a dyed-in-the-wool UN suit (in Communications)……..well that’s actually enough to disqualify him. Funny – he said this “One manifest problem is speed of deployment,” he said. “We simply don’t get our soldiers (into conflict areas) quickly enough” – Your nation managed it in large numbers in Kashmir, Shashi – maybe you should get them as advisers?

Look at the history – UNSG’s have to come from neutral-ish countries or world areas, none of this lot fit the bill – clearly. If any of them get the job, it’ll be a disaster. Anyway – John Bolton needs someone with strings attached.

Update..I just realised how un-positive that was but it is about going forward – I just want better choices.


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