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September 20, 2006

Timing is everything…

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Someone passed their driving test yesterday (you know who you are)…BRILLIANT news.

Then we wake up to this news story today about the Association of British Insurers recommendations about driver learning. I will now take some stick for this but it is much too easy for youngsters in this country to get a full driving license.

The dreadful statistics are those on young driver accident and rates and young driver and passenger injury and fatality Some old stats are on this site – I’ll try to find more recent stuff.

Our roads are awash with cars, cars last longer and are becoming increasingly cheaper to buy, un-insured driving seems to become an epidemic and bad driving seems to be the norm in some places. I daren’t even start on the issues around policing of the roads.

The important thing is – We need a new system in this country. What we have is a system which has evolved over the past 80 or 90 years or so. The de-jour expression is that it is not fit for purpose. What is going to be the future for driver learning, car insurance etc, what new choices can we have?


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  1. Interesting story! As a young driver, as you know who has had a crash. I agree the basic level of “passing your test” is not enough.

    There is definitely a difference between those who can pass their test with x numer of minors and those who “can actually drive”. I know this not only from the century old phrase “now you’ve past your test, you can actually start learning how to drive”, but also seeing those around who have passed their test with less minors than myself but are infact on their own, terrible drivers!

    It would be interesting to see some “proper” driving courses made compulsary . For example, the skid control course I have done was not only fun but highly educational and a worthwhile experience for new drivers.

    However, there is a lot of blame on mainly young people. Whilst I am biased I have been lucky with a lot of “near misses” (with people of all age groups and walks of life). Bear in mind these have all been absolutely nothing to do with myself, thankfully whist driving along minding my own business, unlike a large majority of people I was watching out for what “those other idiots on the road” are about to do next.. With no witnesses dare I ask who would be more likely to be blamed too, the 30 year old female with 7 years no claims or the 18 year old male with 1 years…

    Comment by rossmc — September 21, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

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