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September 26, 2006

Vista in the Business

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Vista is, as expected another step forward (it would have to be after all the effort and delays). However, be wary, you need to have a greater appreciation of what the impact of security and permissions will be before you start to install it any more widely than for training/R&D.

You WILL need support/engineering guys who can support it as soon as you install it for a user because SOMETHING will not work as expected. This may be down to drivers (less likely) or permissions (more likely). The user is unlikely to be able to deal with this themselves.


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  1. good advice though I have to say with recent builds I have been massively impressed with the Vista driver status – it has leapt forward from beta2 to the extent that I installed on a 3 year old Portege last week and every driver (bluetooth included!) was found apart from the wifi drivers. This was immedaitely picked up when I connected the machine via a LAN as Vista checks immedaitely with Windows Update. I’ve also tried on a much newer machien (Acer Travelmate) and again, all but one driver is found – this time the smart card reader which wasn’t on WU but the XP driver worked fine!

    Comment by steve clayton — September 27, 2006 @ 10:50 am

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