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September 30, 2006

The Umpire Strikes Back…

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-TeeHee… This is sssooooooo important – cricket has been left in turmoil. Did they or didn’t they, was he right or was he wrong – who is He? There are so many links – pick one!!!!!!

Boy, can we talk at length about a lot of crap – just look at the BBC Sport web site and try to make any shred of sense out off this heap of dung (pick your own depositing animal, I don’t want to come over as parochial, nationalistic or otherwise oriented for or against any particular animal faeces – do you think that covers me??).

Are we talking about tossers or full tossers. If you can’t make sense of it from West of about 30 degrees Longitude (I’ll make it easy – that’s AMERICANS) – think about corked bats – oddly no mention of that in WIKI under Baseball, Hmmmmm.

Still, if we focus on cricket maybe ubuntu will go away. I am forming my opinions on how to express my UTTER AGGRAVATION about ubuntu – I’ll post that tomorrow.


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