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October 8, 2006

Suffering in the Name of…

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Later this month I’ll be doing crazy things as part of theTeam Rapids Challenge event to raise money for Sense Scotland as part of a team from my work.

Please, please sponsor me at this page – it’s legit, don’t take my word, check it out.

The main thing for me is, I am pathologically scared of cold water and this event involves white water rafting in Aberfeldy in October. Scots will get it – other please check it out – this could be BLOODY COLD. Check this from ‘weather highlights 2002 to 2005’

>Sunday 20th Oct – Overnight min of minus 6.5 C

It’s a good cause – I’ll be circulating this, any amount however small will be appreciated. Brits please note the Gift Aid provision – this means HMG effectively tops-up your donation by 28%.




  1. hey dad! never knew you were scared of cold water! you’ll be fine, dont you get to wear a wet suit or something similarly uncomfortable? you’ve blogged loads in the past while…are you aloud to blog at work? i think i may start my own one lol…consternations of a teenage genius, sounds good to me!
    see you later xx

    Comment by your wonderful daughter — October 9, 2006 @ 3:26 pm

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  3. […] I must remember to keep adding this to the bottom of my posts. Help me raise money for Sense Scotland but sponsoring me AT THIS LINK. See my earlier post . THANKS […]

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  4. I wish you good luck on this… I hate to be cold! Hope you don’t get dunked, even if it is for charity.

    Comment by Bonnie — October 13, 2006 @ 1:24 am

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  6. […] Don’t forget – visit my charity fundraising site JustGiving – event happening on 22nd October […]

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  7. […] Forward, positively… , who is about to brave the cold depths of hypothermia for a very good cause… unlike those of us who brave the cold depths of a stranger’s back yard for a weak and piddly Super Sabado. […]

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