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November 19, 2006

Oh Oh Seven, Oh Oh No

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Wife and I went to see Casino Royale last night. One simple piece of advice – don’t bother,wait until the DVD come out then rent it – that way you pay the least amount of money for maximum disappointment from a Bond film.

I can only surmise that the makers (that is intended to include everyone associated with the making of the movie who had some opportunity to say – “That’s no good enough”) were too obsessed with the issue of Daniel Craig (yes/no, good/bad, dye/don’t dye his hair) that they forgot they were making a Bond movie.

Ok, no gadgets – Ok, no satellite weapons – Ok, no wierd badies, but at least give us a Bond we need to slightly suspend our disbelief for.

For the record, Daniel Craig will be a very good Bond. They just forgot to write a decent movie for him. Edgy (no), Dark (no), Killer (yes), Anger Management issues (definitely).

However exceptionally well done (remember the train scene in From Russia with Love) there was too much emphasis on the blood and snot.

Product placement (however crucial for financing) is so brutally in your face it is trully awful. What is Bond coming to when you get a longer driving scene from airport to hotel (ensuring that you get the whole car in) in a Ford Focus than in the Aston Martin (the rolling car shot is almost as long as the driving shot).

Save your time, money and appreciation of Bond.


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