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December 20, 2006

Here today, Eragon tomorrow…

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Poetic licence – actually we went to see Eragon last Saturday.

It’s a good wheeze, completely derivative but that doesn’t spoil the fun. Best bit of the day was having lunch with friends in The Rendezvous in Edinburgh – superb for a buffet lunch.

On balance – go for lunch, wait for the Eragon boxed set.


Vista, Office 2007 …..

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Slightly delayed post, this. The production versions of Vista and O2007 are fantastic, relative to the betas.

Very, very good – beg it, borrow it. (This post is for entertainment and relaxation purposes only and should not be mis-construed as life-style advice or any other form of incitement to other than law-abiding behaviour)


December 10, 2006

Wait a Day ‘Till You Post…

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I was at the Microsoft partner EVO launch in Edinburgh yesterday. I wanted to write right away but  – my reactions were so negative, I decided to wait one, then post.

It’s no good – it was tooooo bad – so un-Microsoft. 20 billion bucks and this was how they launch the most important wave of products in the company history (or some such hyperbole).

I was also at the WinFX launch earlier in the year (at Dynamic Earth) – OK that was reasonably uber-geek stuff – but they had so much collateral, so much loot, so much information I still have and wear and use things branded with WinFX – it struck a note and resonated.  And that was in a superb venue for a big MSFT event. Yesterday, the Odeon really sucked, like a Dyson (James not Freeman).

I came away yesterday with nothing, NOTHING, which will carry forward the message or remind me about Exchange, Vista and Office into next week, let alone beyond that (the plastic bag does not count). BTW – spot the sponsors, whatever happened to Wintel, it’s now WinAMD?

Steve Clayton was jaded (after a week on the road? – hope so) – Trevor McDonald could have put more enthusiasm into the part. James Akrigg tried his best but it didn’t amount to more than a few more attempts at ‘gee whiz’ with the Aero interface and heat-mapping an Excel table. Steve in his blog entry doesn’t even mention the second part of the event – licensing, SKU configuration………… only half of the attendees, at best, stayed for this dryest of the dry sessions.

Not good, at all, on any level.

December 9, 2006

The Holiday, The Movie, The Verdict….

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1. Slowwww start – after 10 minutes (or after seeing a preview) WE GET THE POINT, get on with it…

2. Jude Law, well cast against type…

3. Girls OK, but Diaz is over-rated as an actress (says my wife)…

4. Eli Wallach, what a fantastic cameo…

5. Well worth going to see – be patient, once it gets going it’s an decent little film

6. Yeah, Jack Black is in there – ends up OK but he doesn’t do vulnerable too well.

December 1, 2006

Wolf and Sheep in Clothes Swap Shock…

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Say that fast 3 times!

It’s one thing to be a major surveillance society (read the full report). Now a big city wants to sniff everyone’s web traffic provide free wireless internet access to encourage progress into the digital age. Yeah….

Manifestos (if that’s your thing)…

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Having a personal manifesto that you can write down and broadcast to everyone else seems kind of pretentious.

It smacks of taking yourself way too seriously. Hugh is asking you to submit your manifesto. Hmmmm….

And then, a roman candle erupts and brings another big smile to this grumpy face. Ian Green submitted this cracking Alternative Ten Commandments – what a hoot, his is a blog well worth a daily read.

The Scourge (can be a laugh)…

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Alcohol and it’s cheap availability is the developing scourge of our young (and some of our old) – but sometimes it can provide a laugh.

RossMc (a nascent geek, currently studying for a degree in Geekery at the premier Geek University of Scottish-land) gives us Buckfast Humour. It’s not big, it’s not clever but it made me smile.

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