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February 26, 2007

Spence does Thor…

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Nails normally have heads – and that’s where they need to be hit for maximum effect.

Spence is an uber-hammer-wielder and publisher of knowledge and wisdom which deserves the attention of anyone who wants to wear a software toolbelt hanging with Microsoft enterprise products.

He has posted an eloquent, reasoned and cogent rationale for Microsoft to provide an Office SharePoint Server Developer Edition. Now – I acknowledge that what I know about SharePoint development could fit in a single SMS text message with big spaces between the words and lots of smiley’s. However, I understand what he is saying enough to know that anyone working in any development arena with SharePoint should be supporting what he is calling for.


February 23, 2007

Demo Showcase links…

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Chris Parkes of Microsoft has several posts on the Demo Showcase – he’s kind of a go-to guy for this stuff.

The Demo Showcase…Almost…

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Right out of the blocks – it’s BETA. That means EVERYTHING WILL BE FIXED AND OPTIMISED before distribution.

All rights reserved, all trademarks, copyright and registered marks, distinctive tattoos and anything else which may be recognised by any other person and claimed for their own, authored by them, plagiarised by them from someone else or whatever are ACKNOWLEDGED.

Long ago there was born of Microsoft an issuance to partners called the TDT. This was an invaluable set of DVD’s which contained VM’s and scenario scripts which gave those client-facing types a easy-to-use, walk-through, business-scenario-based way to present the Features, Advantages and Benefits of the latest and greatest MSFT products. It was fantastic. The added bonus was that if the prospective client said ‘What about [insert business requirement X]?’ you could (if said product supported stated requirement), demonstrate there and then, with the actual software, how the stated requirement was met. There were more than spanners in that toolkit, so to speak.

Enter Son of TDT. The Demo Showcase. This will be slicker, will come on fewer disks and will be treated more like a product by Gates’ guys.

Unfortunately, the only nuts and bolts to comment on are at the server end (awaiting the Client end).

The main thing to say is that the thing needs, absolutely NEEDS, its minimum requirements. Major among those is 3Gb of RAM. I think this will be marginal at best. Assume that you will need 4Gb. If you are running Vista, Readyboost won’t be much help – it’s just a cache. The graph below shows that reads and writes to the Readyboost cache file almost stop during the VM session.

The server (which strangely seems to contain Microsoft KitchenSink 2007 but not Project 2007 – just joking it’s coming) is also a CPU-hungry colossal squid of a beast. The graph below shows the %CPU while running part of a scenario – I think you will benefit greatly from as many multiple-cores as you can afford.

The Summariser says – the TDT was a tremendously useful selling tool and when The Demo Showcase is ready, it will be even better. Forget Powerpoints for this stuff, the real product is the real thing when in front of a customer. Don’t be cheap and try to fiddle with services and stuff to try to squeeze the Showcase onto a lesser platform – you should make enough from what you can sell using the Showcase to make it worth having a serious go-faster laptop for demos.

Find a Mind and Blow it…

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This was a fascinating article on the BBC web site a few days ago…

Decoys fix quantum key swapping

OK – quantum cryptography, yes – heard of it, kind of got the gist, but this is fantastic – not only messing about with individual photons but sending decoy photons, that’s wild.

Follow the link to the Toshiba Quantum Information Group and see what they are playing with in their sand-pit. Incredible, absolutely incredible.

I used to be a real dull looking-back kind of guy and liked to point out how much change a 70 or 80 year-old will have seen in the world, but this stuff really points out how much change I will see in my life span. Heck, man landing on the moon is (almost) history and I was 14 when that happened.

Why then is the basis of automotive power (internal combustion of refined oil products) fundamentally still the same as 100 years ago? Answers on a conspiracy postcard to George and Dick.

Pictures, Words, Thousands thereof…

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Scotland out in front by miles…Here’s a picture…

The words are… Alcohol-Related Male deaths per 100,000 of the population 1991 to 2004.

Scots women are also out in front. This is a crap race to be leading.

Read the report here.

February 20, 2007

More Thought Needed NOW…

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On the face (sic) of it this sounds as if we are standing on the verge of a fantastic flowering of new, emotionally involving computer gaming.

Real game characters ‘next year’

Considering that the top 6 of the top rated Xbox360 games on Gamespot are shooters, what are going to be the implications for having ‘real’ characters in these genres? Are we happy that in, say, 5 years, kids will be able to shoot ‘real’ people in computer games.

We rightly have legislation which bans the creation/possession of photorealistic, pornographic images of children – how do we propose to deal with the representation of killing a realistic or real person in a game? 

Answers on a postcard (or start a debate)…

February 12, 2007

Will it Blend…You Bet…

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Check out this site and go for the don’t try this at home section.

What a fantastic way to promote your product – the thing seems indestructible.

and kids – check with a responsible adult what DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME means.

February 8, 2007


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That’s the sound you make when you hold your breath for such a long time – don’t try it at home kids!

You can’t talk (even in an online, metaphorical way) when you hold your breath, hence my absence. but when people see you with a blue face, they tend to assume it’s some Braveheart make-up job for supporting Scotland at a raucous sporting event.

I think this is some constipatory break-through as I have now completed a course of study in hypnotherapy, Yay – more on that later – and, and, AND I can now connect my Smartphone to Vista (close your eyes and image sounds of crowds whooping). The link to the groovy code, plumbing, connecty stuff officially known as Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista (entry in Spence’s blog) that makes it happen is here:

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