Forward, positively..

February 8, 2007


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That’s the sound you make when you hold your breath for such a long time – don’t try it at home kids!

You can’t talk (even in an online, metaphorical way) when you hold your breath, hence my absence. but when people see you with a blue face, they tend to assume it’s some Braveheart make-up job for supporting Scotland at a raucous sporting event.

I think this is some constipatory break-through as I have now completed a course of study in hypnotherapy, Yay – more on that later – and, and, AND I can now connect my Smartphone to Vista (close your eyes and image sounds of crowds whooping). The link to the groovy code, plumbing, connecty stuff officially known as Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista (entry in Spence’s blog) that makes it happen is here:


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