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February 20, 2007

More Thought Needed NOW…

Filed under: Rants and Opinions — thebestbrew @ 5:13 pm

On the face (sic) of it this sounds as if we are standing on the verge of a fantastic flowering of new, emotionally involving computer gaming.

Real game characters ‘next year’

Considering that the top 6 of the top rated Xbox360 games on Gamespot are shooters, what are going to be the implications for having ‘real’ characters in these genres? Are we happy that in, say, 5 years, kids will be able to shoot ‘real’ people in computer games.

We rightly have legislation which bans the creation/possession of photorealistic, pornographic images of children – how do we propose to deal with the representation of killing a realistic or real person in a game? 

Answers on a postcard (or start a debate)…


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