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February 23, 2007

Find a Mind and Blow it…

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This was a fascinating article on the BBC web site a few days ago…

Decoys fix quantum key swapping

OK – quantum cryptography, yes – heard of it, kind of got the gist, but this is fantastic – not only messing about with individual photons but sending decoy photons, that’s wild.

Follow the link to the Toshiba Quantum Information Group and see what they are playing with in their sand-pit. Incredible, absolutely incredible.

I used to be a real dull looking-back kind of guy and liked to point out how much change a 70 or 80 year-old will have seen in the world, but this stuff really points out how much change I will see in my life span. Heck, man landing on the moon is (almost) history and I was 14 when that happened.

Why then is the basis of automotive power (internal combustion of refined oil products) fundamentally still the same as 100 years ago? Answers on a conspiracy postcard to George and Dick.


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