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February 23, 2007

The Demo Showcase…Almost…

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Right out of the blocks – it’s BETA. That means EVERYTHING WILL BE FIXED AND OPTIMISED before distribution.

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Long ago there was born of Microsoft an issuance to partners called the TDT. This was an invaluable set of DVD’s which contained VM’s and scenario scripts which gave those client-facing types a easy-to-use, walk-through, business-scenario-based way to present the Features, Advantages and Benefits of the latest and greatest MSFT products. It was fantastic. The added bonus was that if the prospective client said ‘What about [insert business requirement X]?’ you could (if said product supported stated requirement), demonstrate there and then, with the actual software, how the stated requirement was met. There were more than spanners in that toolkit, so to speak.

Enter Son of TDT. The Demo Showcase. This will be slicker, will come on fewer disks and will be treated more like a product by Gates’ guys.

Unfortunately, the only nuts and bolts to comment on are at the server end (awaiting the Client end).

The main thing to say is that the thing needs, absolutely NEEDS, its minimum requirements. Major among those is 3Gb of RAM. I think this will be marginal at best. Assume that you will need 4Gb. If you are running Vista, Readyboost won’t be much help – it’s just a cache. The graph below shows that reads and writes to the Readyboost cache file almost stop during the VM session.

The server (which strangely seems to contain Microsoft KitchenSink 2007 but not Project 2007 – just joking it’s coming) is also a CPU-hungry colossal squid of a beast. The graph below shows the %CPU while running part of a scenario – I think you will benefit greatly from as many multiple-cores as you can afford.

The Summariser says – the TDT was a tremendously useful selling tool and when The Demo Showcase is ready, it will be even better. Forget Powerpoints for this stuff, the real product is the real thing when in front of a customer. Don’t be cheap and try to fiddle with services and stuff to try to squeeze the Showcase onto a lesser platform – you should make enough from what you can sell using the Showcase to make it worth having a serious go-faster laptop for demos.


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