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March 2, 2007

The Blame, The Game…

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First off – I have sympathy with the people who have encountered genuine problems because of what may turn out to be contaminated petrol – Done.

But why the heck does the BBC, of all news media, insist that we have to find someone to BLAME.

I am happy that we need to establish what happened, how it came about and, if possible whether there is someone who may have been responsible. However, the media seems to be obsessed with the matter of BLAME, they tell us that the public want to know who to BLAME – not who to hold responsible.

Maybe we (that’s a generalisation) derive some satisfaction by the simple act of apportioning blame. I personally would rather allocate responsibility – for me that carries a greater sense of ongoing accountability the consequences of an action. Maybe blame is a more visceral reaction and (the greater) we actually get some relief or closure out of pointing a finger at a ‘culprit’?

Alternatively, maybe people want the more childish satisfaction of focusing attention on a perceived bully or perpetrator of ‘badness’ – could that be why the media have gleefully homed-in on the supermarkets in this case?

The result: Responsibility 0 : Blame 1


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