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March 7, 2007

Vista does Tardis with RAM…

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I posted recently about the Microsoft Demo Showcase and it’s RAM requirements.

Since then, I have downloaded the Demo Showcase client VM and discovered that you can indeed, with minimal allocations of memory to the client and server VMs, have both running together – communicating – on a 2Gb RAM laptop.

This is of rather academic interest because the performance is so slow you couldn’t use it with a prospective client but it does illustrate an interesting point – Vista can be your flexible friend with it’s memory utilisation.

If, before you start a VM Vista tells you that Physical Memory use is, say 45%. After you stop the VM, Physical Memory will be below the starting 45%. The memory management seems to ‘scavenge’ physical memory from somewhere. The upshot is that after closing the 2 VMs which together should have accounted for approx 75% of physical memory (having been running at around 95% physical memory usage) the resulting quiescent state of Vista was ticking over at below 20%.

The only fly in the pie was that the downloaded Demo Showcase client VM was an RC2 version of Vista which could not be activated because the VM networking was local only so all I could run on it was a browser. Grrrrr..

Deep breath, relax, it’s a Beta…


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