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March 16, 2007

From Boxes That Were Black to Black Boxes…

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Decades ago, I did an occasional stint counting votes at various election times in Scotland. Blizzards of ballot papers were tipped out of black steel boxes, separated into appropriate piles and counted. The candidate with the largest pile of paper, so to speak, won. Simple. Re-Count, no problem.

Now the spectre of electronic voting, in various forms, is with us. Many people more learned (or more opinionated) than I have commented, opined and flogged their line on the issue ( a good example is Rebecca Mercuri, and Bruce Schneier knows a thing or two) – I don’t intend to do that here.

This post is to provide a link to this article The FSU report on the ES&S iVotronic used in Sarasota County in Avi Rubin’s blog. His is a comment on the FSU report – there is a link to the full report in his post. The US is leading the way, if not in e-voting, certainly in making a mess of e-voting. For heaven’s sake, all they had to do, basically, is automate an adding machine.

However, this is important because it is coming here in one form or another and we have to get it right.


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