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March 21, 2007

Time Travel via the Venerable Volvo …

Filed under: Hypnosis — thebestbrew @ 11:12 pm

My normal 40 minute drive to work was extended to 1 hour and 45 minutes today – yay. Some dipstick had a small pile-up on the Edinburgh by-pass resulting in delays to many journeys.

Clever old me did the dumbest thing and tried to find a way around the trouble and succeeded in finding some excellently extensive traffic jams on the South side of town. This probably contributed an extra un-necessary 30 minutes to my journey – clever Frank.

However. The point is not to discuss my commuting travails, it is this; When I finally arrived at work, as soon as I was out of my car, I was un-aware of the extra commuting time other than as represented on my watch. It was as if I had simply sat in my own little Tardis and emerged immediately, but 105 minutes later.

Was I in an everyday trance throughout my journey (but I can clearly remember it all) or is my Volvo something of a comfortable (but un-exciting) time machine? Spooky…


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