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March 26, 2007

There is a Word for it – Crowdsourcing…

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So much happening nowadays, it’s easy to be behind the curve. Today, I feel like I’m tied firmly to the vertical axis.

I have been disappointed and aggravated in equal measure at the increasing prevalence of news media using public reaction, phone-ins and other vox-pop methods of either filling program space or developing entire programming streams ( BB, x-factor etc are all the light-entertainment equivalent – I can just hear the banjos). I had been of the opinion that the media was becoming lazy, idiotly provocative, cheap and ultimately irresponsible in their lack of ‘real’ journalism.

How wrong was I. Those who know me know how hard that is for me to say. In fact I feel nauseous just reading the words. I was wrong.

Those clever little media meerkats were actually at the cutting edge of innovative idea development and distributed intellectual engineering. Which is about as much bullsh*t as the semantically illegitimate term in my headline. I didn’t realise they are all crowdsourcing – getting ideas, input, content etc from – well, crowds.

Just people. Phone in with your reaction to today’s headlines – even the headline doesn’t need to be factual, accurate or even a reasonable representation of events. Just something for The Crowd to react to. Come to think of it – I wasn’t wrong. Now that makes me feel better.


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