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April 27, 2007

Nuggets from a Known Good Seam…

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Spence has recently posted more dev stuff than usual it seems. Great to see these tips and an app to do something which Sharepoint devs will probably be doing manually at present. Check out these plus read his other stuff.

App Pool Recycler Updated (again)

Silverlight Field Control for Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Right-click a .WSP to Add Solution


Demo Showcase Beta 2…

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I posted earlier about the Microsoft Demo Showcase Beta 1 (Permanent Link- Clever Little Demo Showcase…) as well as earlier.

Beta 2 has now been out for testing for a couple of weeks. Still no configurator front end but they have included a configuration tool on the functional server which presumably does the relevant back-end bits.

The configurator is a great idea because it lets you select and pre-configure your environment for the selected presentation scenario. It is a vast improvement on the previous simple warm-up script which hit some URLs to pre-cache the results. There seems to be a good amount of data in the system now although more is apparently coming.

Although the included scenarios cover most of the bases, they are basic and you will undoubtedly want to put your own spin and direction on your customer presentation.

Get familiar with this tool and it will be invaluable in winning more business. You have the ability to go off at a tangent with customers and discuss other products and features because most enterprise stuff in the box and it is a real working environment, not a flat PPT.

Remember, you DO NEED at least 3Gb, preferably 4Gb of RAM and a speedy or dual core processor.

Chris Parkes is one of the go-to guys for in-depth tech info.

If you are a Microsoft partner – you need this.

Do One for Charity…

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Stevecla01 is pimping another Blue Monster Litho for charity (NSPCC) – darn good idea.

Steve’s post is Blue Monster lithograph on eBay the ebay link is GO BID!

If the polo shirts (Blue Monster coming to Mix07) catch on, he’ll have his hands full. Maybe we could buy them for charity too – I’d have a couple.

April 12, 2007

Peering into the Fischbowl…

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Link spotted via stevecla01.

Did You Know – This is a spooky kind presentation. Easiest access is to watch the WMV version here.

Great thing is, in his post, he provides sources for the stuff in his presentation. Also check out What If?

All in all, a Ripping blog (What is the AppropriateAdjective 2.0 for ‘top notch’ or ‘excellent’?)

Edoocashun, Edoocashun, Edoocashun, anyone?

Pointing to the Sharepoint…

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Mark Harrison’s is a very good blog for finding extremely useful nuggets from the dark Microsoft information mines.

This post SharePoint logical architecture design points to some excellent material for Sharepoint 2007 logical design.

The content in the target article is just at the right level for me – much of the other stuff in the Sharepoint team blog is quite technical. Health warning to self and others – you still need a very well informed techy-chap to knit the wet noodle together.

April 11, 2007

8 Minutes at the Speed of Light…

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Sunshine– a superb movie.

I saw it at the weekend and it is superb. You cannot wait for the DVD (I heard the same about 300) because you will simply not get the full experience. Fantastic.

Sound is a major feature for this movie. Danny Boyle paid very close attention to this in the making (heard that on one of these ‘making of…’ type programs.

However, John Dodds, whom I have read in the past has an excellent little post which invites us to think, somewhat obliquely/directly about noise and sound.

April 6, 2007

Yes but…

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Voidy-boy is right as a good generalisation with tech problems don’t exist. However, sometimes it needs to seem like its a tech problem rather than a people problem – customers can be sensitive that way.

April 5, 2007

The Payoff…

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The Evil MacLeod-enstien has finally found the end of the rainbow. gapingvoid has been assimilated! Yipee for him.

For me – coz that’s what counts for me – now we’ll see if the alleged evil one can produce the goods.

Holding a Candle in the Darkness…

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Days were when, in the IT world, something like ‘systems programming’ might have been considered a dark art – attempted by few and understood by less.

For a few years now, the mysterious art has been (and continues to be) Microsoft licensing – who would have thought that you could study and become certified in software licensing.

Spence – more given to shining billion-watt searchlights on enterprise application hoo-ha and software development lifecycle carry-on’s, shares a small flickering lantern in a dark corner of licensing. His Office Sharepoint Licensing post gives us links to authoritative stuff but more importantly, he has included some (comprehensible and digestible) licensing content from a Microsoft planning guide. Very, very useful.

April 3, 2007

Alleged Impact Crater Nonsense…

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Sorry I am late with this – should have posted on Sunday….

The BBC news site is carrying this story about an alleged meteor impact crate under the North Sea (image below). The scientists are all a tangle about what the darn thing is…

Silverpit Structure (Image credit:Phil Allen (PGL) and Simon Stewart (BP))

It looks a lot like these things below (seen from a slight elevation):

These images are from underground nuclear tests – so who was testing under the North Sea (and WHEN????)

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