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April 27, 2007

Demo Showcase Beta 2…

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I posted earlier about the Microsoft Demo Showcase Beta 1 (Permanent Link- Clever Little Demo Showcase…) as well as earlier.

Beta 2 has now been out for testing for a couple of weeks. Still no configurator front end but they have included a configuration tool on the functional server which presumably does the relevant back-end bits.

The configurator is a great idea because it lets you select and pre-configure your environment for the selected presentation scenario. It is a vast improvement on the previous simple warm-up script which hit some URLs to pre-cache the results. There seems to be a good amount of data in the system now although more is apparently coming.

Although the included scenarios cover most of the bases, they are basic and you will undoubtedly want to put your own spin and direction on your customer presentation.

Get familiar with this tool and it will be invaluable in winning more business. You have the ability to go off at a tangent with customers and discuss other products and features because most enterprise stuff in the box and it is a real working environment, not a flat PPT.

Remember, you DO NEED at least 3Gb, preferably 4Gb of RAM and a speedy or dual core processor.

Chris Parkes is one of the go-to guys for in-depth tech info.

If you are a Microsoft partner – you need this.


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