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July 1, 2007

Vista goes Blue Screen…

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Ouch – this hurt (a little bit). Partly because I like Vista and you don’t like it when your cute little puppy bites you. Mostly it hurt because I had to spend a few hours fumbling about like an idiot until I stumbled upon the solution.

Last night an app appeared to hang – not good but I expected Vista to coral the errant code and restore normality. Then this..


Ooops. Hmmmm – restart and see what happens appears to be the advice. Did that, and did it again. The restart (safe mode, regular, safe mode ) didn’t get me further forward. Uninstall the app that crashed – couldn’t (in safe mode or otherwise). All these operations took a lonnngggg time to run – uber-frustration! Next piece of advice, restore to a restore point (I am now very happy that I am running with restore points). Result…


Nope – that route is closed to me. The same happens with all selected restore points offered to me. A weighty sense of doom sets in. Sod it – what next? Mega-hhmmmm, look in the system configuration – check memory for problems, that sounds like a desperate straw to clutch at. Let’s check the disks while we’re at it ( a good old-fashioned CHKDSK) this lets me clutch at two straws at the same time :-). Well I never – look at that…


4 bad sectors (in old money). The whole disk checking cycle took hours – fair enough. When that finished, restart – enter time warp, all is as was before the drama started!!!

Good, goood… yes but, well, no, I don’t think that it’s too much to expect that the brand, spanking new OS from Microsoft would deal (relatively) elegantly with something simple like a disk problem – whether created by the errant app or just by bad disk sectors. Not good enough. I still love my puppy but now I know it has a slightly shadowy side.



  1. Thanks for this info. I experienced on my laptop yesterday (after a download of some MS updates…hmmm???). Word was not responding and said it needed updates, so I, as the good user, updated. About an hour and a half later, bright blue. Same attempts to safe mode, etc. I woke up around 3 this morning thinking about restore point. Hubby calling Toshiba today to get the fix (I hope). If not, I’ll run checkdisk. Thanks!!!!

    Comment by VO — July 5, 2007 @ 1:01 pm

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