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July 12, 2007

Stand in a Room..

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…with your back to a wall.
Take 5 paces – that’s about 5 metres.
On a sheet of paper, draw a line.
Imagine your starting point as the centre of the earth,
the line you drew represents the surface of the earth.
 – on this scale;
New Zealand is 10 metres or around 30 feet away through the wall,
the ‘edge of space’ would be about 78mm above your line – that’s less than the width of your palm,
all the moisture content in the atmosphere and almost all of our weather is contained within 15mm of your line,
an airliner will typically fly no higher than just over 8mm from the line,
the deepest part of the ocean will be just over 8mm below the line,
the average depth of the North Atlantic Ocean is around 2.5mm,
in the North Atlantic, the Gulf Stream which keeps us relatively warm for this latitude, is 1mm deep and on average 77mm wide
the Greenland ice sheet is about 2.5mm at it’s deepest and is approx 1.8m long and less than a metre wide.

Our world is so big, so strong and yet so very fragile.


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