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July 18, 2007

Ggrrrrr, Aggravating Little Puppy…

Filed under: Work — thebestbrew @ 8:20 am

Yes – I do growl at work too.

Especially when my favorite little puppy, Vista, messes a little in the corner each day. Viola…

My beef is with the 100% CPU usage and high disk activity. I have developed the habit of hibernating my PC overnight (it does similar things after standing-by) – after coming back to life, it spends an age (in computer terms) sorting something out but what is that something? Using perfmon I can see that it is a svchost process – that’s not helpful in itself as, like concealer, svchost can cover a multitude of sins.

Looking at the same process id in the disk usage (which was also very busy) we can see that, for some reason, Vista is consuming shed-loads of data from a Virtual PC VHD on my external hard disk but where is is going? If it was stuffing it into my ReadyBoost cache to speed me up, that would be cool, but there is no sign of equivalent writes to my speed stick. No doubt Vista is doing something really clever and important which, if I read some piece of documentation somewhere, should be head-slappingly obviously beneficial for me.

But all I want is to switch on my PC and go. This becomes important if, in an important scenario like, say, presenting to a potential customer, you expect to wake up your snoozing laptop and knock them bandy – maybe, maybe not.

The point – practice any Vista operating scenario which is going to be important for you. Go through the steps from (literally) switching on your PC. Then, hopefully, no surprises.


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