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September 30, 2007

Vista When the Sun Goes Down…

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After hours – is Vista a Jekyll and Hyde character, would James Senior and Matt McSpirit reveal hidden depths to our new best friend in the OS world? or would Vista turn out to be an Ovaltine and slippers type?

Well…compared to the earlier presenters during the virtualisation day (see my earlier post), James and Matt were more Colin and Justin. As with their gig on the EVO tour, this was straight-forward stuff revealing very little, if anything, which was not fairly well-known. Particularly disappointing was the gratuitous injection of Photosynth and Virtual Earth (the fly around 3d New York) which is all sooooo old.

The one interesting item was the Windows Home Server. This was presented on a TranquilPC fan-less box around 2/3 the size of an XBox360 – very cute. WHS is 2003-based and seems to be spawning system add-ins like wake-on-LAN, DHCP, web photo hosting – very open and ‘community’ but I wonder though how this sits with Microsoft’s trustworthy computing – I suppose the SDK probably shields the system from anything dodgy??? Hmmmm….

I am looking forward to James’ presentation in Edinburgh later this year to hopefully see something more substantial.


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