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October 29, 2007

The SpencePoint…

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Spence is making his Sharepoint-as-an-Enterprise-Application-Platform point at length.

Take note – he knows whereof he speaks.



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Jenny Eclair….

….the very words evoke a particular reaction.

We all have preconceptions about ‘celebs’ – our emotional, visceral and intellectual reaction to how they look, behave and sound. We make judgements – snap, easy, glib judgements. I like to think my judgements are right. I’m accustomed to being right, usually, sometimes.

Many people have heard of Ms Eclair, seen her on various TV programs, but fewer will have seen her on stage. When she appeared in Edinburgh on Sunday, I was happy to along expecting a pleasant evening of slightly nutty, slightly grumpy stand-up.

What I wasn’t expecting was the hour and a half of slick, energetic, continuous, stream-of-hyper-consciousness humour that assaulted us from the moment she appeared. It simply didn’t let up. Running, jumping, rolling around. Constantly keeping up the routine, never relying on dialogue with the audience for a pause or a link. Fantastic. Leaving one quite à bout de souffle.

I have a new perception of Ms Eclair – one which she perhaps deserves more. Like she could care less 🙂 Go see her if you get the chance.

October 16, 2007

60 today…

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Congratulations to our friend Vicky (she’s not online hence no link). She is 60 today and working very hard.

However, putting many of us youngsters to shame, to celebrate, she has run 60 miles this week and to date, has completed 60 half marathons.

Go girl.

Green Bits and Red Bits…

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Now that’s my kind of talk. The essentials of meaning communicated using primary colours on a simple diagram. Not that the Microsoft .Net stuff is simple but it’s distilling it down to pictures that helps me.

This post .NET Framework 3.5 explains in a graphical way how, ay a high level, v2, v3 and v3.5 versions relate.

Neat, well done that man.

October 11, 2007

Green with a Hint of Blue…

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Stevecla posted earlier a question about a colour combination which he thinks might be applied to Microsoft. This having been triggered by a post from a chap called Seth Godin. (Sounds like he’s getting his retaliation in first, or maybe Seth spoke to a Microsoftie).

Now…hands-up…OK… I don’t follow Seth’s blog or read his stuff, but this is my own take on Steveo’s view and what I think this means.

Steve thinks that Microsoft if kind of blue (= innovative) for having stuff like XBOX, Zune, popfly,home server, media centre with photosynth, seadragon and surface coming through their youth academy.

Well Steve…

XBOX is a PC, which plays games, but it’s a PC – pure emerald. (Now, XBOX live I think does give you a platform for innovation in service)

Zune is a music player only a few generations removed from the tape-playing Walkman and playing catchup with the iPod, it is a dead-end innovation-wise until you can, maybe make a phone call with it or pay e-cash with it – then it becomes just another mobile phone.- lime green.

Popfly, cute name, Frontpage on the web, hacks web pages together for the Common Man – no blueness here.

Home Server – it’s cut-down Windows Server 2003, a classic marketing re-package to snag a new market – greeeeeen. (Yes the marketing text books tell you that’s innovation but not in my version of the tech industry).

Media Centre – it may be getting out of short trousers but it was available as an XP version – pick your favorite shade of green for this one.

As for the new boys: Photosynth – looks innovative, can’t tell for myself as the darn thing won’t do anything when I click install. Seadragon – I like the name, Microsoft liked it so much they bought the company – cash buys innovation, hmmm. Surface – very seductive but insufficient data to compute innovation quotient.

The real story of Microsoft innovation, for me, is about the core of the business – the flow of operating systems, server products, development products and all the software goodness. It is a bit of a bummer that so much focus has to fall on the shiny toys just because that’s what obsesses elements of the media – it really clouds the fantastic amount of stuff that Microsoft produces.

October 8, 2007

After the Gorilla, Here Come the Bunnies

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It’s another must-see advert in the Sony Bravia Story. Uber Smile-making…

October 3, 2007

An Outlook Calendar is for Life, not just for Christmas…

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This may be a sad and lonely feature in Outlook, possibly ignored, passed-by, left sitting on the Office street, pleading it’s case on a crudely-written piece of cardboard.

An honest, useful but ignored piece of functionality which may easily go un-noticed. It does not trumpet it’s own approach – there are no garish flashing lights announcing it’s arrival and there seem to be few who proclaim it’s presence or promote it’s use or even it’s exploitation.

Maybe…secretly…many of my colleagues are using this feature but are too coy or timid to say? Certainly, if it had been used, some puzzling over meetings may have been avoided.

Calendar Overlay Mode is a hidden gem. When viewing more than one calendar, you can overlay them semi-transparently – this gives you an easily-assimilated view of what various events/meetings are happening in these calendars at the same time.

In a small company, this should be invaluable – especially where people are covering a number of projects or activities. Open and overlay their calendar and you know at-a-glance what is planned, what is coming up, when people might be out of the office etc. The calendar can, of course also come from a Sharepoint list or other compatible feeds so is useful for wider collaboration.

Yes, there are other ways of find out this stuff but we are still primarily visual animals and having a decent amount of information on a single page to scan for patterns is tremendously useful.

October 2, 2007

Still Hurts…

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Proof, though none is needed, that although time dims the memory of some events, others only lie dormant – this post (very eloquent for a policeman) – touched a nerve for me. If you’ve ever had to do it, you’ll understand.

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