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October 3, 2007

An Outlook Calendar is for Life, not just for Christmas…

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This may be a sad and lonely feature in Outlook, possibly ignored, passed-by, left sitting on the Office street, pleading it’s case on a crudely-written piece of cardboard.

An honest, useful but ignored piece of functionality which may easily go un-noticed. It does not trumpet it’s own approach – there are no garish flashing lights announcing it’s arrival and there seem to be few who proclaim it’s presence or promote it’s use or even it’s exploitation.

Maybe…secretly…many of my colleagues are using this feature but are too coy or timid to say? Certainly, if it had been used, some puzzling over meetings may have been avoided.

Calendar Overlay Mode is a hidden gem. When viewing more than one calendar, you can overlay them semi-transparently – this gives you an easily-assimilated view of what various events/meetings are happening in these calendars at the same time.

In a small company, this should be invaluable – especially where people are covering a number of projects or activities. Open and overlay their calendar and you know at-a-glance what is planned, what is coming up, when people might be out of the office etc. The calendar can, of course also come from a Sharepoint list or other compatible feeds so is useful for wider collaboration.

Yes, there are other ways of find out this stuff but we are still primarily visual animals and having a decent amount of information on a single page to scan for patterns is tremendously useful.


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