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October 29, 2007


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Jenny Eclair….

….the very words evoke a particular reaction.

We all have preconceptions about ‘celebs’ – our emotional, visceral and intellectual reaction to how they look, behave and sound. We make judgements – snap, easy, glib judgements. I like to think my judgements are right. I’m accustomed to being right, usually, sometimes.

Many people have heard of Ms Eclair, seen her on various TV programs, but fewer will have seen her on stage. When she appeared in Edinburgh on Sunday, I was happy to along expecting a pleasant evening of slightly nutty, slightly grumpy stand-up.

What I wasn’t expecting was the hour and a half of slick, energetic, continuous, stream-of-hyper-consciousness humour that assaulted us from the moment she appeared. It simply didn’t let up. Running, jumping, rolling around. Constantly keeping up the routine, never relying on dialogue with the audience for a pause or a link. Fantastic. Leaving one quite à bout de souffle.

I have a new perception of Ms Eclair – one which she perhaps deserves more. Like she could care less 🙂 Go see her if you get the chance.


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