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October 2, 2008

Team Foundation Seduction…

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As a development house, we produce project estimates as an early part of pricing work and estimating required resources..Duh, yeah.

But over the years we evolved our mechanisms from using spreadsheets to MS Project to Project Server. Using Project Server gives you a great repository but I’ve always found that SOMEdamnTHING conspires to prevent it really giving you the payoff. Forward planning for resource requirements, keeping work done, work remaining and the real, actual schedule impact on the project up to date needs more than a fair bit of PM work – especially when the (even greatly improved) timesheet features in PS2007 still fall short of fully usable.

Now – in walks TFS, a tall leggy redhead of a system and like a redhead, you can’t not look but you know there will be, in all probability, trouble in store later.

TFS makes it easy to work with tasks between itself and MS Project (and Excel) BUT NOT PROJECT SERVER. So you can maintain tasks in either system and sync/publish between them – so far so peachy. What this means is that the code-wonks heroic, nose-to-the-grindstone developers can take their TFS task, do the work and update their work completed and work remaining while the alpha PM can watch his schedule in Project and panic accordingly.

However, this leaves you with a dilemma, you need to abandon Project Server, you’re working with .MPP files, TFS is the only repository in town and it’s oriented to tasks, risks, bugs and stuff and not to providing (our) enterprise time management – and as we know TIME = MONEY. So…

Next time – If TFS is the circle, what’s the square…


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  1. Steady with the cheeky red head comments, husband with lurv from the red headed wife!

    Comment by Jane x — October 21, 2008 @ 11:32 am

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