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October 13, 2008

Not-so-Clever Old Virtual PC…

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I am an old-fashioned guy, you save up for nice things, wrap-up when it’s cold and when you’re told you have enough physical memory available – you should be able to start your VM.

Not so fast there old guy.

VPC seems to want to load your VM on top of all the accumulated stuff on the floor of the cow barn. This is a bit confusing because after closing a VM you were always below where you started in terms of available physical memory – VPC (or something associated with it) had cleared out the no-doubt-otherwise-valuable stuff which had been sitting in RAM.

Unfortunately, VPC doesn’t do this RAM mucking-out before it tries to grab its chunk (in this case 2.4 Gb on a 4 Gb laptop) – it does it afterwards – see the snip of physical memory usage from task manager below, the graph peaks somwehat over 96% after launching VPC and then falls back by about 10% or so.

I know there must be a really good reason for this but all I want is to run my VM when I have enough memory free.

(It’s OK guys, I know there are all sort of benefits for leaving stuff in RAM that’s only temporarily finished with). Read the excellent Mark Russinovich if you want to get under the covers.



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