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May 7, 2009

RAM Transplant Saves Sanity…

Filed under: Work — thebestbrew @ 10:48 pm

…well my Dell XPS which has been delivering grief by the shed-load over the past few days seems to have been restored to shiny zero-defect status. (holds breath…….OK that’s long enough).

One of the memory modules was borked and SEEMS to have been the source for many apparently app-related red-herring-type problems.

Fortunately a bloke turned up yesterday bearing a most glorious gift, a gleaming gem – or at least a2Gig exchange memory module.

A deft application of a (suspiciously large Philips) screwdriver – not by said bloke as he was clearly banned from approaching within flu-spreading distance of the faulty device – and bingo, the mem diagnostics are no longer red and failing. They are gloriously blue and passing.

We are restored, the XPS and me. The former to fully functioning, laptoppy, dual-coreyness and me to pure saintly-mouthed calm sanity.


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