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June 30, 2009

Standing Head and Shoulders Above the Rest…

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…to hang our heads in shame.

Some time ago in another place, I highlighted this ONS report into Alcohol-Related deaths on the BBC news web site. On every measure and in every population segment, we win the race to kill ourselves with alcohol.

Today we have an NHS study suggesting the actual death toll may be 1 in every 20 deaths in Scotland is alcohol related (study based on 2003 data and the rate is increasing).

I’m no paragon but that’s a fairly eye-watering number. Maybe we could have slot on the news “…Today another 8 people were killed by the still-legal drug, Ethanol – the death-toll continues to rise. And now the weather…”. That would have to be read out every day of the year.

A small selection of graphs – Scotland is highest and that is BAD.





June 26, 2009


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June 18, 2009

Iranian Election Fever….

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An Iranian election is…..

A. The very crystallisation of the democratic process in which the voting populace may exercise their democratic selection of government.

B. A smutty and poorly constructed punch line which depends on a western stereotype of oriental linguistics.

C. An oxymoron

June 12, 2009


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June 4, 2009

In Defence of Eye Candy…

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This is a very brief and well-presented article called ‘In Defence of Eye Candy’ about the importance of aesthetics – especially with reference to visual interfaces.

Very accessible and well put, well worth a read.

June 2, 2009

When Your Only Tool is a Hammer…

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When your only Tool is a Hammer_small


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Is not a large town in the Mid-West, the UK or anywhere else….


Hierarchy of Drivers…

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Hierarchy of Drivers_small

The Business Development Cycle…

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Business Development Cycle_small

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