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July 10, 2009

eLearning and an Industry Spectrum…

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I’ve just read (on paper) an article on e-learning and the motor industry by Mark Rewhorn. This featured in Prime, a print version of Microsoft’s manufacturing magazine.

Summary – lightweight piece, not giving any decent insight into e-Learning, certainly not realising/appreciating/understanding the breadth and depth of e-Learning which has been successfully going on for years in other sectors and showing the auto sector firmly following rather than leading in e-Learning.

Given that the basic automotive product hasn’t changed much in a hundred years and that GM and Chrysler are the two largest US bankruptcies to date in 2009, it is probably unfair to expect that (other than in making cars) the industry will be at the forefront of the majority of technologies.

However, it does a great dis-service to other economic sectors for Mark to not acknowledge that automotive is very much playing catch-up in e-Learning. From my own experience in Company Net, we have for around 6 years been providing the platform, content management and support of one of the largest e-Learning programmes in the country, if not in Europe, in the form of the NHS in Scotland’s Cleanliness Champions programme. This program is oriented at combating Healthcare Associated Infections(HAI) and the online version of the program has seen thousands of clinical staff in the NHS consume an extensive volume of course content in addition to undertaking work-place based activities. The system now supports over a dozen individual courses and programmes targeted at HAI prevention.

Blended learning is not the future, as Mark Rewhorn reports, it is here, in progress, happening now and delivering real learning and development.

Several factors such as:

  • the rapid growth of corporate intranets (the natural home for online-learning),
  • the need for ever-greater levels of evidenced compliance training
  • the need for more effective (and efficient) staff training
  • the crucial need for the enterprise to have a more flexible, agile workforce

are driving more and more e-learning across all sectors and sizes of enterprise. Car makers – welcome to the world of e-Learning.


July 8, 2009

Bing, Bing….

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Is that a ringing sound, a re-branded search engine or a reference to two heaps of waste from underground coal mining in Scotland?

I’m off to the Glasshouse restaurant in Musselburgh later today. Well established, vague idea where it is but best check for detailed location. Solution, Google maps, naturally.

Top of the search results, tick. Marker on the map, tick. Aerial view for parking and orientation, tick. Job done per usual – thank you Google.

But wait. I’m a Microsoftie mostly so, let’s give them a chance and use their Bing answer engine. Search for Glasshouse, Musselburgh – it’s not even in the search results – FAIL. Marker on the map – in the middle of Edinburgh – FAIL. Aerial view – I cheated and looked at the correct location and got some duff old poor-res photo, tick but rubbish quality.

However, the ace up Bing’s sleeve is the birds eye view – PERFECT. Exactly what I want to see for parking and local layout, ideal, tick, tick.

What an enormous disappointment. For a real bing (or five) see below – snow-covered bings in West Lothian courtesy of


photo probably copyright of SNH

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