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May 17, 2009

New Friend/Old Tosh….

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….interesting. Everything is going swimmingly. Oddly, despite being defined in the power plan, the machine will not hibernate when the lid is closed, nor will it power-up when the lid is opened. I’m guessing it’s maybe just a compatibility thing….duh!

Only browsing on the machine so far but with OS, Firefox, and Live Writer running, task manager reports only 444Mb of RAM used (60%) and the cpu is really low – much as you would expect. (Interestingly, IE8 consumes less RAM than FFX.)

Until you hit a site using Flash or Silverlight. Again, not unexpected – cpu usage leaps. Watching a movie from the MSFT BI site comfortably pegs the cpu at 100% (I had hoped for better) – but only when the movie is visible, whether or not the browser window is active. This lends itself to a little fun, gradually covering up the movie with the task manager window and watch the cpu usage reduce (slightly) – that’s how dull the TV is right now.

It’s definitely smarter with power consumption on battery. I’m suffering from a lack of scientific rigour (no pre-Win7 benchmarks) but I know the battery is lasting longer – very good for an old stalwart like this.


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