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October 2, 2009

Outlook 2010 Neat Little touch…

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Outlook 2010 neat little feature. Meeting invite shows your calendar in the body – nice.



Windows 7, Welcome….

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Although I had put the RC on an old machine at home, I’ve been waiting to get the RTM internally here at Company Net.

It finally happened and I’m now all Win7’d-Up. The upgrade from Vista to Win 7 Enterprise x64 was a painless if slightly slow process. A couple of apps flagged as “might not work properly after the upgrade”. No sweat. Had to a couple of reboots to finalise the process but no problems.

Note for Vista Windows Mobile Device Centre users – it doesn’t work so uninstall it, connect your mobile device and hey presto, the new version downloads, installs and you’re off and running.

Next Steps – BitLocker(maybe) but definitely Office 2010 tech preview (32-bit not 64 as this bit me last time I tried it). Then, get setup to boot from a VHD as an option to my hard disk – details from James O’Neill’s Blog.

April 17, 2009

2010 and all that….

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So, Microsoft have jumped out from behind a tree and caught us all by surprise on this one. Office 2010 has been announced with Exchange 2010 available as a public beta.

Mark Harrison’s post is here.

2010 is such a clunky designation, ‘09 is fine – people know you mean 2009 but ‘10 doesn’t sound right. Hey Microsoft – Go Roman, Office MMX sound much better!

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