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December 14, 2009

Sharepoint Server 2010 on Windows 7…

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It just worked!!

When looking to build a sandbox for a potential piece of SP 2010 testing, I found a few articles which covered installing SP 2010 on Windows 7. Jolly good but does it work without MCM or MVP levels of knowledge?


Using this article on setting up a developer environment for Sharepoint Server as a starting point and checking the comments for a couple of supplementary blogs, the install was painless and straightforward. Follow the steps and it falls into place – excellent. Well done for such easy advice. Next stop PerformancePoint Services and a Business Intelligence Centre as well as PowerPivot for Excel.

Remember – this is strictly for the geeky sandbox. There is a mammoth iceberg of planning and preparation, configuration, environment, security, husbandry and good governance as well as the solutions, features and applications which need to be considered BEFORE you run setup.exe. As ever, Spence is producing great stuff about SP2010 – checkout his blog, his MCM cadre, see who he is following on the Great Twitter and you’ll find loads of resources.


October 2, 2009

Windows 7, Welcome….

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Although I had put the RC on an old machine at home, I’ve been waiting to get the RTM internally here at Company Net.

It finally happened and I’m now all Win7’d-Up. The upgrade from Vista to Win 7 Enterprise x64 was a painless if slightly slow process. A couple of apps flagged as “might not work properly after the upgrade”. No sweat. Had to a couple of reboots to finalise the process but no problems.

Note for Vista Windows Mobile Device Centre users – it doesn’t work so uninstall it, connect your mobile device and hey presto, the new version downloads, installs and you’re off and running.

Next Steps – BitLocker(maybe) but definitely Office 2010 tech preview (32-bit not 64 as this bit me last time I tried it). Then, get setup to boot from a VHD as an option to my hard disk – details from James O’Neill’s Blog.

May 20, 2009

Win7 Fun and Games, BCD and VHDs….

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Hands-up, this is a depth of working on Win7 and 2008 R2 which I do not expect to explore. However, I can appreciate how useful this post from James O’Neill is, so I thought it worth linking here.

Booting from VHD (and some gotcha’s) will be a useful feature for all sorts of reasons. If you read that post and think “Oooh, that sound like a bit of a wheeze, I could try that” then YOYO and perhaps you should probably wait for his explanatory video?

May 14, 2009

Welcome, New Friend…

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Well, I just upgraded an old Toshiba Satellite A30 to Windows 7 RC. Very painless, straightforward – just what you would expect from Microsoft nowadays.

Several blogs have alluded to the comprehensive support for devices so I had high expectations and was very relaxed in approaching the install. Maybe too relaxed.

All went well and bingo – there was new-Windows. Except that I had no connectivity. Hhrumph…..of course – I had done the install while connected wirelessly – with an old Belkin 54g PCMCIA Notebook wireless card. Had I really expected New-Windows to notice this and to have the insight and preparedness to have the required drivers? Well yes, I had, but not consciously – I just hadn’t thought about it.

Feeling rather foolish, I did dig out the original disk, installed the required magic and hey-tesco, there was the network.

New-windows had also not picked the audio (RealTech AC97 – no default was used or offered) or the video (Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller – some MSFT default was clearly working OK).

So – looking forward to enjoying the new experience – see what’s in the tin, under the hood. I hope there’s something interesting.

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