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October 13, 2006

Fun Quote plus some Fun..

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I picked up this quote from Tom Peters’ blog entry

“The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. The last 10% takes the other 90% of the time.”—Richard Templar, The Rules of Management

Also Ballpoint has another fun A-maze-ing gadget.

Don’t forget – visit my charity fundraising site JustGiving – event happening on 22nd October


Pleeeeeaase Sponsor me…

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Keeping up the profile of the begging.Worthy, worthy stuff – Suffering in the Name of…

Vista Nuggets(2)…

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Steve Clayton suggests the startup process editor is a neat little featurette in Vista (also in XP). For me it’s the enhanced Resource Monitor – you’ll have to click the image for a bigger version. It lets you look in more detail at what’s messing with your system.

I just love things that show me graphs and stuff 🙂

Dashboards Anyone?…

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Dashboards have been HOT recently. It’s the kind of thing in the software industry that you can’t ignore but can get spun to the rafters. This by Wayne Eckerson (Google him here) on Deploying Dashboards and Scorecards gives a level-headed take on a number of important issues. Link via Mark Harrison. If you are thinking  of deploying a dashboard or someone is trying to sell you one (they come right off the shelf don’t you know 😉 – READ THIS and ASK HARD QUESTIONS.

Vista RC2 (Build 5744)…

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Only 2 days in but what an improvement – just in the performance of the UI and a couple of quirks definitely a version to be used – not a quick upgrade though. This is a version I can now recommend to colleagues.

Sharepoint Document Synchronisation…

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Via Mark Harrison, Synchronising Two Sharepoint Document Workspaces by Moim Hossain. I see this being extremely useful in the move to MOSS 2007.

October 10, 2006


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How do you get picked? Do they run auditions? Do they run training camps? This raises many questions.

Scoble on the US Beer Drinking Team!!!

Note to Self – Keep Banging the Charity Drum…

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I must remember to keep adding this to the bottom of my posts. Help me raise money for Sense Scotland but sponsoring me AT THIS LINK. See my earlier post . THANKS

The Madness is Back…

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The Google/YouTube deal will give an enormous puff to a gradually inflating sequel, Dot Com Bubble II – Valuations in the Twighlight Zone.

Scoble tried to describe the difference between bubbles I and II in a recent post on the Frothy Bubble. The breakthrough now seems to be – investors money is at stake through Google stock and the valuation switch just got flicked to High. Interestingly, he isn’t too hard on the deal, restricting himself to playing a What If… with Microsoft/YouTube – must be to do with being in a (hopefully) take-over target – clever lad.

The next deal will be the one to watch.

October 9, 2006

New Read – Funny Girl…

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A new daily read for me courtesy of a link in Scoble’s blog.

Kathy Seirra is a hoot and a geek to boot.

Excellent articles like Exuberance and Code Like a Girl are refreshing stuff in the geek world.

About me…

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Having asked you to sponsor me to experience some quasi-Arctic discomfort – Suffering in the Name of…

It is only reasonable that I fill in some details in my About me section – in progress now.

Thanks for Helping me Raise Money for Charity

Now They’ve Gone and DONE IT…

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N now stands for Nuclear, not North, Korea. You have to think that there is no good way for this to end. If they ignore their ‘chums’ China, who knows what the heck they might pull as their next stunt.

This is no dumd kid with a chemistry set and access to the internet – this is a scruffy kid with an inflated sense of himself and a big shiny gun that he went hungry to buy. Keeping him in his own backyard doesn’t solve the problem, it just keeps his neighbours nervous. I wish I was brighter then I might be able to suggest a feasible solution.

October 8, 2006

Suffering in the Name of…

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Later this month I’ll be doing crazy things as part of theTeam Rapids Challenge event to raise money for Sense Scotland as part of a team from my work.

Please, please sponsor me at this page – it’s legit, don’t take my word, check it out.

The main thing for me is, I am pathologically scared of cold water and this event involves white water rafting in Aberfeldy in October. Scots will get it – other please check it out – this could be BLOODY COLD. Check this from ‘weather highlights 2002 to 2005’

>Sunday 20th Oct – Overnight min of minus 6.5 C

It’s a good cause – I’ll be circulating this, any amount however small will be appreciated. Brits please note the Gift Aid provision – this means HMG effectively tops-up your donation by 28%.


October 7, 2006

Japan, Zoom-Zoom, Yawn-Yawn…

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I hope I can emerge from my pit early enough tomorrow morning to catch the start of the Japanese Grand Prix (around 6:00 am my time).

On a Sunday, that’s a bit of a trial. However, things are hotting-up despite conspiracy trash talk.

The closest I’ll get to F1 is a PS2 game maybe….but if you can’t live vicariously in some (basically) fantasy sport…life would be a little duller.

In the Movie Mood…

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Having seen a great movie today, I am over the moon tonight because Funeral in Berlin is on TV.

I am a huge, huge fan of Len Deightons novels. I read Funeral in Berlin a number of times and several of his other books (especially the trilogies – Game, Set and Match etc) many, many more times.

You create a picture in your head of the action and characters from a book but Michael Caine (most recently seen in Children of Men) and Oscar Homulka really make it happen in this film.

It’s fantastic to enjoy films made 40 years apart on the same day.

Beating World Champions…

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Every few decades we (Scotland) seem to do this. We beat a team that seems to be top of the world. Check out what we did to England in 1967.

Tonight we beat France – unbelievable.

When David has a hard-on Goliath better beware. Woohoo, for tonight. Hugh we’re not, yet.

The Departed…

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This is a FANTASTIC movie.

Did I say it was a FANTASTIC movie? It is an absolute GEM of a film. Long but… WOW it flew in. Characters with actors to match and action, tension and dialogue in spades.

The incredible thing is – from the outset you know the good(?) guys, the bad(?) guys and where everyone else fits. The whole film is about how it all goes together and unravells.

It is not that Nicholson, DiCaprio and Damon are cast against type but they give such BRILLIANT performances as the psychos, schitzos and rats that they are.

Go see the movie – GO SEE IT. OUT…Bloody…STANDING

Blogging Cornucopia…

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The spirit of the horn of plenty is with me tonight – a few thing to talk about.

I watched The Departed with my wife this afternoon.

Scotland beat France in the Euro 2008 qualifiers

Funeral in Berlin (the movie) is on tonight and

The Japanese Grand Prix is on tomorrow morning…

Read on……

October 6, 2006

Slowly, Slowly…

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I am gradually adjusting to Vista. What a slow process for an old bloke.

I like to know where things are on my computer, you can do something about a problem then (or you THINK you can). But yesterday it took quite a while to find where an installed application was (deployed by ClickOnce) and then find the config file and check it.

….and the Office 2007 “ribbon”…argh, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If it had been an ALTERNATIVE – but no…and look at this – they have squished the programs navigation into a single tiny window!!!

Update: Senior moment here – discovered you can’t just paste into live writer and post – will need to upload image separately.

AND I hope it is all much faster and less greedy at RTM.

Relating Online/Offline Advertising Activity

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Years ago while doing my MBA, our marketing lecturer (the term Galloping Midget sticks in my mind but yields nothing on Google) related the saying – “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” in the context that, if someone could come up with a way to identify which half was wasted, they would make millions.

Well, Heather Hopkins has an interesting post on motor insurance searching and advertising spend. That must be getting close to pointing to a target if not hitting it yet.

Me, I just dumbly read some news and blogs and occasionally try to find a product I want – that is the serene swan of the Internet for me. But underneath, Heather and others are paddling furiously to make sense out the massive commercial impact and potential of the web.

Or maybe it’s really a crocodile wearing a stuffed swan on it’s head to lure unsuspecting prey like me – time to lie down in a darkened room for a moment.

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