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September 30, 2006

No Easy Way to Say It…

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Damn. Damn. Damn.

You know sh*t happens, you cruise along, you leave grief a little bit behind you. And then…

Something ups and goes yoohoo – it hasn’t gone away.

Bonnie catches it and says sorry, nothing to be sorry for girl. You need to do your thing, go through your process and grieve for what sound like one tough guy – he seems to have had many extra days. Remember and cherish them. We’ll hear from you when you are ready.


The Umpire Strikes Back…

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-TeeHee… This is sssooooooo important – cricket has been left in turmoil. Did they or didn’t they, was he right or was he wrong – who is He? There are so many links – pick one!!!!!!

Boy, can we talk at length about a lot of crap – just look at the BBC Sport web site and try to make any shred of sense out off this heap of dung (pick your own depositing animal, I don’t want to come over as parochial, nationalistic or otherwise oriented for or against any particular animal faeces – do you think that covers me??).

Are we talking about tossers or full tossers. If you can’t make sense of it from West of about 30 degrees Longitude (I’ll make it easy – that’s AMERICANS) – think about corked bats – oddly no mention of that in WIKI under Baseball, Hmmmmm.

Still, if we focus on cricket maybe ubuntu will go away. I am forming my opinions on how to express my UTTER AGGRAVATION about ubuntu – I’ll post that tomorrow.

The Dark Crystal…

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Had to post this immediately. Just watched The Dark Crystal again. We originally watched this with our daughter about 10 years (maybe more) ago – what a movie – poor kid, it scared her witless at the time. It is only a PG (that’s parental guidance for non-Brits) but WOW… is it a scary film. IT IS FANTASTIC.

Amazing… 1982. Look up The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and see how much cross-over there is.

A sequel, I heard that was in the offing – too long, want it now.

September 28, 2006

Kerching! Another Life Saved…

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Saving lives, often risking their own, occasionally dying trying to help. Uber-respect all round.

Air ambulances, Lifeboats, Mountain Rescue (and cave rescue and others probably) and damned little public money to help (except perhaps the Scottish Air Ambulance).

We all wish the Hamster well (despite the dumb stunt laddie) – hopefully it shoots the dependence of these services on charitable donations and fundraising near to the top of public attention.

Here’s an idea – put one less (Trident replacement) missile into each submarine and spread the largesse around the life-saving communities. That’s got to be a win-win – keep our WMD and save lives – woohoo.

In the News today…

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Hold on to this thought. NATO/Taleban/defeat. These guys are like mountain goats with guns – they kicked serious USSR butt (admittedly with outside supplies) and this kind of trash talk is just going to wind them up. I think there are too many sons, daughters, fathers etc risking it all out there for this kind of message to be going out.

IE7, MOSS and Search…

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We haven’t implemented MOSS2007 at work yet but it won’t be far away. I think this is a little gem from Mark HarrisonAdding MOSS search to IE7. It could be one of these little ‘Wow’ moments in demos.

This Could Turn Into a Family Drama…

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Ballpoint is keeping us up to date with the arachno-whatsit goings-on in her undergrowth. Arachnophobes should IGNORE this post.

The story of Mrs Argiope MUST run and run…we insist. After this stage I feel (alomost) compelled to check the expected gestation period and demand an update at the due time.

Actually, instead, I’ll just follow her as a daily read ‘cos she clearly is doing great research on web games various inventive, creative and challenging on-line mind-tools. Via her I now know about Scribbler and Dicewars.

September 27, 2006

Latest Vista build…

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Via Steve Clayton’s blog – a link to the latest Vista build available (5728).

(RC1 is build 5600).

Beware of the following disclaimer on the download page ‘…you may not be able to upgrade to the final version of Windows Vista.’ That’s a very important little sentence, but if you want to get on the bleeding edge…..

Does this mean we are likely to have an RC2? Answers on a virtual postcard please.

Screams, Tears Hair, Rends Garments…

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If you DEPEND on your Smartphone syncronising with Outloook with Activesync, do not install Vista RC1 yet. The stuff that does it (which apparently was in Beta 2) is not in the product. It will come ‘soon’ and as a separate component

See Rick Strahls post and Mel Sampats MSDN blog

Having a head full of buns most of the time, the reminders on my phone are really useful. As the un-sync’ed appointments on my phone are now inaccurate they are anti-useful – sigh…

Still….Vista is turning out to be OK but don’t scrimp on hardware – with all my various services (including SQLServer) a couple of browsers and Outlook 2007 beta I am running at 49% of physical memory on a 2Gb laptop.

September 26, 2006

The Black Dahlia

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We went to see The Black Dahlia on Saturday afternoon. It’s a good movie let-down a bit by odd casting and excessive length. Hillary Swank looks completely out of place and has the oddest of accents.

The great stuff with this movie is seeing the social norms of the period being represented and I am sure this is still a very diluted version (I preferred LA Confidential as a cop period piece). I must read a James Ellroy book – see what it’s like on the page.

Vista in the Business

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Vista is, as expected another step forward (it would have to be after all the effort and delays). However, be wary, you need to have a greater appreciation of what the impact of security and permissions will be before you start to install it any more widely than for training/R&D.

You WILL need support/engineering guys who can support it as soon as you install it for a user because SOMETHING will not work as expected. This may be down to drivers (less likely) or permissions (more likely). The user is unlikely to be able to deal with this themselves.

September 22, 2006

On a lighter note…

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Following the Children of Men experience, I am looking forward to Hallam Foe coming out. I’ve been following Hughs posts and can’t wait to see the movie. Partly because it is set in Edinburgh but also because it deals with a very raw time in life.

Hope to see some other new releases in the next few weeks…on the run up to CHRISTMAS.

Children of Men…

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My wife and I went to see Children of Men the other night. Summary on the BBC site here. Wow… what an unremitting stream of negative experience. We came out of the cinema feeling emotionally and psychologically mugged.

Even after reading that summary, I wasn’t prepared for what was coming in the film. Pain, death, depression, filth, violence – continuously, for the whole length of a film with such an uber-twee ending that it just looks completely and utterly incongruous. The ‘hopefullness’ which is being offered at the end to mitigate the previous 108 minutes of hell requires such a suspension of disbelief that it brings a dream-like fantasy quality to the conclusion of a blood, guts and snot movie.

Not just a weird movie but so not for the big screen. The long scenes, the pseudo-journo camerawork and the utter Britishness of the content makes it seem like it should be on Channel4 or Film4 or BBC3 or something.

Strong, challenging and if it had a deeper or more metaphorical meaning other than the superficial nihilism up on screen, I didn’t get it.

Clive Owen, however, demonstrates his fantastic versatility and Michael Caine shines.

See it, make your own mind up… and pass on your reactions.

Need to catch-up….

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If you try to post regularly, it gets aggravating when you can’t…. Too busy to catch an early morning or lunchtime at work and connectivity probs at home.

Tough…I just need to get my finger out and get on with it.

Today and tomorrow I’ll catch up on my daily reads and reflect my take on them. I upgraded to Microsoft Vista RC1 and Office 2007 B2TR at work – first impressions to come.

HeeHee – a great time sink but a real wheeze is the Scribbler link from Ballpoint

September 20, 2006

Timing is everything…

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Someone passed their driving test yesterday (you know who you are)…BRILLIANT news.

Then we wake up to this news story today about the Association of British Insurers recommendations about driver learning. I will now take some stick for this but it is much too easy for youngsters in this country to get a full driving license.

The dreadful statistics are those on young driver accident and rates and young driver and passenger injury and fatality Some old stats are on this site – I’ll try to find more recent stuff.

Our roads are awash with cars, cars last longer and are becoming increasingly cheaper to buy, un-insured driving seems to become an epidemic and bad driving seems to be the norm in some places. I daren’t even start on the issues around policing of the roads.

The important thing is – We need a new system in this country. What we have is a system which has evolved over the past 80 or 90 years or so. The de-jour expression is that it is not fit for purpose. What is going to be the future for driver learning, car insurance etc, what new choices can we have?

Aggravating journalism…

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Panorama (a BBC “investigative reporting” show) aired a program on secret payments in the football (soccer) industry in England.

It was really annoying because they concentrated on one guy so much, it became clear they didn’t have enough to go wide on the issue. This made it look more like they wanted to pursue the guy for some reason. Maybe they just lucked-into a seam of gossip (for there seemed to be no court-worthy evidence) but they certainly did not have enough to take the program beyond what amounted to conversations in pubs.

Panorama have done some excellent stuff in the past – this was crap.

September 18, 2006

Adobe Acrobat 8

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I didn’t know Acrobat 8 was on its way. I haven’t checked all the details yet but it sounds like the Macromedia/Adobe thing has spawned something useful…

The Scobleizer has gone all uber-Scolbe and given us O.P.N.I.O.N. – links below:

Breaking News: Adobe announces Acrobat 8 (exclusive videos)

Where’s the bloggers on new Acrobat?

Two corporate announcements, but what about ROI?

A bit of a hoot..

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I had to pop this out when I saw it. I can normally be a bit of a grumpy old man about some stuff but some German chap pretending to be a Chinese sculpture is bit of a wheeze.

If he is not performing, how can it be performance art?

September 17, 2006

This Week, Brew = Coffee (mostly)

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Two contrasting experiences on the brew front this week. Star*ucks are available on many street corners and many places in between. They generally give an efficient, standardised service – which makes a duff one stand out. Last week I was in a small one in Edinburgh and the barista-ette was so completely un-focused on the single task which she had to perform (to make me a simple cup of coffee) that the few extra moments which it took seemed like an eternity.

Conversely, in another branch on Saturday, my wife and I enjoyed excellent service – it seems that a little extra belief makes a huge difference to the customer experience.

BTW – enjoyed a couple of Leffe Blondes last weekend. Excellent. Oooh someone talking about it here.

Hugh is on the money (again)..

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A lot of people should be squirming about this one….

We Western Europeans

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