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June 29, 2007

One for the Dog People…

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…but you don’t have to be a dog person to go Aaawwww at some of these cuties. The breeder, Rosiethross also keeps a blog.


June 28, 2007

Look Out Denver…

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This years Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is in Denver in a couple of weeks and some of our chaps are attending again.

But this time it’s a bit special – we are a finalist in one of the award categories IN THE WORLD – woohoo.

Hopefully Stevecla as CTO of the Partner Group here in the motherland (he is also off to the Mile-High Party) will lookup our guys, slap their backs and roll some PartnerTV film.

Will the Real Demo Showcase Please Stand up…

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M$FT are doing a good job in supporting partners by sorting out the Demo Showcase (which is now released).

But, but, but – when is a Demo Showcase not a showcase for demos – when other sources distribute alternatives (this is a MOSS 2007 VPC) – I know there is also a separate Dynamics CRM VM. It is fantastic as a Gold Partner to have a range of resources available and to be able to select what to use when but it would be great to have a single, integrated channel of this stuff. Maybe Steve as a Partner guy in the corp (CTO = Chief Talking Officer?) can apply some Blue Monster mojo?

From Buttock-Clenching to Smooth as a Baby’s…

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Gillette Fusion is one of the most cringe-worthy adverts on TV. Period. But I’m bigger than that and if more is better then Fusion may displace Quattro from my bathroom mug.

Thanks to the girls of the house, I have 2 Fusion promo packs and yesterday one of those was promoted from the subs bench into the main action. My anticipation was seriously blunted(sic) by the amount of packaging – see below.

The populace can whine interminably about food miles and carbon footprints but this is incredible. All this…

For one razor – I expect Gordon Brown to take immediate action – I am, after all, a Fifer too.

The shave is a whole different story. The ongoing outcome is yet to be assessed but the blade on the back is HOPELESS. I wear specs to shave but because I wear varifocals, I can’t get close enough to the mirror to see the ‘tricky’ bits and use the single blade without removing the specs – RUBBISH. More on the 5 versus 4 later.

June 27, 2007

A Whirlwind Settling Down to Core Values….

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OK, OK, I know I’m playing catchup in these columns but I have been paying attention during class.

Spence has spewed a virtual cornucopia of advice, tips, observations over on I especially liked this short story. However, my heart was warmed today by his return to good old fashioned hectoring and finger-wagging in his piece on Content Deployment.

Hands-up confession by me – I don’t do this stuff – but I get the gist of the ‘ands’ and ‘ors’ and even some of the ‘gots’ and ‘buts’. The beauty of it is that it’s a plain and simple RTFM for people who otherwise should be grown-up technologists. You would think that any flavour of development, ops, engineering, security, testing, etc geek should know not just the basics but also how, where and why to get more info.

…………WTF happened there..

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You take a short break and the break takes your shorts. I went to sleep, had some weird dreams and *POW* – woke up 2 months later in a new place and picked up here again. It’s the unbearable heaviness of being.

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